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 Relaxation Stress Anxiety and Worry

"Music connects us in ways that verbal communication do not"
It is interesting to note that music is a social activity. Music engages the brain when other forms of communication do not. Listening to up beat music can boost energy levels to help fight depression. Listening to relaxing music helps with calming our minds so we are able to relax. 
Sedalia musician, Randy Melick has spent 30 years producing original music creating a sense of calm, peace, and healing when it comes to our minds.

Melick is currently a composer of relaxation music for At Peace Media LLC and other digital markets and outlets including the UK, Japan, and China.

Melick has a history of playing the guitar for over 30 years and began writing Relaxation music in the 1990’s. He didn’t listen to any particular guitarist; he liked them all. His first CD was called “Acoustic Passages” released in 1998. Melick noted that he added some sounds of nature to his instrumental music much like others were doing. However, he discovered that recording nature sounds and determining the correct pitch, seemed to make the music come alive.

Melick's most recent CD “Whales with Guitars” is combination guitar music and the songs sung by Humpback Whales. Wrapping the music around the whale frequencies is different than just adding sound effects to music. Melick finds then song key of the Humpback Whale and writes the music a be helpful for stress, anxiety, and possibly insomnia. According to researchers, listening to music triggers the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of happiness and excitement. In addition, listening to this kind of music may help stimulate the release of other neurotransmitters that are out of balance from being short circuited, so to speak. 

Melick notes that the work of author and neurologist Dr. Oliver Sachs, who wrote “Awakenings” 1973, believes strongly in music and the power of tone and pitch on the brain.  Relaxation music is available just about anywhere however, “Whales with Guitars” may just be what you or your clients need.
In music, the notes as well as the silence between them are equally important. In fact, this relationship produces the timing of the music or the beat of the song. It is the same with regards to neurotransmitters and synapses. This reation always has to be reset. and it cycle in seconds. Problems that interupt the functionsing of this chemical chain reaction can negatively impact the brain and the rest of the body's nervous system. Long story short, timing is everything. In addition, disruptions involving the synapse may produce anxiety, depression, and a host of other mental health disorders. Music connects us in ways that verbal communication does not.
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