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 Relaxation Stress Anxiety and Worry

"Music connects us in ways that verbal communication do not"
Randy Melick Music consists of combining acoustic and classical guitar melodies with various sounds of nature. These sounds include waves crashing on a beach, thunderstorm with smooth rain, and the songs of Humpback Whales. Male Humpback whales communicate with females Humpback whales sometimes hundreds of miles away. Sound travels fast under water. In fact one Humpback will sing a song and another will repeat the same song over and over to other males, until the song reaches a female. They have incredible courtship skills.
'Whales with Guitars' is now available
This CD was written as a compilation. So listen from the beginning for the best efect. I found out the  key the whales sing in,  and I wrote the music specific to that key. The results seemed to provide a better flow  consistant with each song.